diego menéndez



I was born in Buenos Aires in winter, one 7 august as caetano veloso and I was interested in the art from my youngest age: I made my teeth on the book covers of modern art of my parents who already saw there the sign of a vocation... I still feel the strange emotion which provoked in me the orange bodie's nudes of modigliani, the mysterious jungles of rousseau, the picasso twisted eyes figures.
But it is only about twenty years later that I followed my studies at the fine arts national school on dark bottom of terror of state. It is there that I met the expressionism, vincent, the subversive drawings of egon schielle, liliana and the envy to leave. Paris received us with roses in this spring 81 which smelt sweetly after years of dictatorship. Since it is a succession of meetings, exhibitions, journeys, researches, returns. Since I try to develop the intuition, the only creative weapon face the unknow.

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